[Advaita-l] Sandhyavandanam Summer Camp @ Hyd

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Tue Mar 28 03:01:33 EDT 2017


Every year the trust bearing the name "Sri Janardananda Saraswati Swamy Samsmruthi Trust" conducts summer camp on Sandhyavandanam in Hyderabad for 10 days to sensitise the vaTus (brahmins only)

The objective is to teach the method of sandhyavandanam and sadAchAra associated with it.  This trust is associated with the name Shri.Janardanananda Saraswathi (in purva ashrama brahmasri svAdhyAya bhAskara kuppa lakshmavadhani garu).  Under this trust, a veda pathashaala is run with the name "Veda Vyasa Pathashaala" and the vedic principal is Sri.Kuppa Anjaneya Sastry Garu who is the grandson of Lakshmavadhani Garu who happens to be my acharya under whom I am learning KYV.  The camp would be presided by several ghanapaTis who would pay personal attention to the children.  

The would be taught sandhya, agnikArya, basic sadAchara like snAnavidhi, bhasmadhAraNa, nityaprArthana stotrANi.

The brahmacharis who are interested to learn the correct procedure of sandhyavandana can enrol with the pAThashaala.  This year the camp is organized in Ashta lakshmi Temple, Chaitanyapuri, Near Dilsukhnagar.  For further details one can contact the below.  


We are designing the brochure.  Once ready would upload the same and share.


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