[Advaita-l] Why brahma jnAna is capable of sarva nivritti

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> Namaste Sri Venkatraghavan Mahodaya
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> > यत्र हि स्वप्ने द्रष्टारं दुष्टकरणवन्तं कल्पयित्वा तस्य भ्रमं कल्पयति,
> तत्र
> > जागरज्ञानेन सर्वेषां निवृत्तिदर्शनात् | Consider the following example.
> > Suppose there is a man who dreams of some person (ie not him) mistaking a
> > shell for silver. Here,  the dream person who mistakes the shell for
> silver
> > (drashTA), his ignorance of the dream shell (ajnAna), his faulty eyesight
> > in the dream that led to the mistake (doSha), his perception of the
> silver
> > (bhrama) and the silver (bhrama viShaya) are all seen in the dream. All
> > these are sublated upon the dreamer waking up.
> >
> AFAIK Dvaitis say dream objects and dream persons are real. They are
> not false like we are saying. God will create dream objects for every
> person and he will see only that dream created by God. Therefore dream
> objects are real because they are created by God. In this example you
> have given the dream person is real and the dream shell is also real.
> The Silver is not real because it comes under Bhrama. Therefore there
> is no Sarva Nivrutti.

Dear Sri Venkatesh,

There is no rule that the Advaitin should not use the dream analogy while
discussing/debating with the Dvaitin. In fact the issues at the base of the
whole exercise are those tenets of Advaita that the Dvaitins oppose and
vice versa. So, each one ends up critiquing the other's tenets in their
books.  That is why we find topics like: Prapanchamithyātvānumāna
khandanam,  Mayavada Khandanam & the Upadhi Khandanam, collectively known
as the Khandana Traya, ...in their books and the following, only a sample,
in Advaita siddhi:

सामान्यतो भेदखण्डनम्
विशेषतो भेदखण्डनम्
भेदपञ्चके प्रत्यक्षभङ्गः
मुक्तौ तारतम्यभङ्गः

Other tenets of Dvaitins that have been repudiated in the Advaita siddhi
are, for example, the idea of aprākṛta śarīra for Ishvara/avatara, the
nityatva of vaikuṇṭha, form for Ishvara, etc.


If you say after waking up the dream person and shell are not there.
> It may be like some person and shell in the past. They are also not
> existing now. But they were existing before. Now they are not there.
> For that reason you cannot say they never existed and not real.
> How to reply to this objection?

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