[Advaita-l] Why brahma jnAna is capable of sarva nivritti

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Namaste Sri Srinath ji,

The dreaming person is the adhiShthAna of the dream, not himself. The
"sarva" in "sarva nivritti" includes all things that undergo nivritti,
triggered by the jnAna of the adhiShthAna common to all such things. The
adhiShThAna's nivritti itself does not happen, because a thing is not its
own adhiShThAna

The dreaming person's nivritti does not happen when he awakens, because
waking up does not give rise to jnAna of his own adhiShThAna.

Whereas upon waking up, the dreamer realises "I have been dreaming" - it
was only his thoughts that were projected as the dream, and thus, he knows
that he is the adhiShThAna of all that he saw.
Therefore, everything which has himself as adhiShThAna  - the dream drashTA
(not seer of the dream, seer seen in the dream), dream bhrAnti, dream
silver, AND dream shell - undergoes nivritti.

(Note: Dream shell, even though is adhiShThAna for dream silver, has the
dreamer as its own adhiShThAna, so upon the dreamer waking up, the dream
shell also undergoes nivritti. The rule is not that adhiShThAna cannot
undergo nivritti at all, but the adhishThAna cannot undergo nivritti by its
own knowledge.)

BrahmajnAna triggers nivritti of everything because it so happens to be the
adhiShThAna of everything.


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> The scope of the example is in seeing if simultaneous nivritti of bhrama,
> bhrama viShaya, bhrama draShTA and draShTA's doSha is possible, which
> happens on waking up. It is possible because the adhishThAna of all the
> dream objects is the person who sees the dream.
Even accepting dream is mithya and hence bhramAtmaka as  per AV's point of
view, the difficulty in this example is that it does not support intended
scope. The person who is dreaming is not just adhishThAna as you are
saying, but draShTa of that bhrama as well. So, after dream is over, that
draShta still remains. So, where is sarva-nivritti here?

So, a pUrvapaxin would argue this example is its own antithesis.


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