[Advaita-l] Why brahma jnAna is capable of sarva nivritti

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> > Why don't you study the examples mentioned in the 9th chapter of
> > PanchadashI and get back with questions or doubts? It seems you are
> having
> > trouble understanding the basics of saMvAdi and visaMvAdi bhramas.
> Setting aside the examples, let's come to the context in which this example
> was quoted. From your initial posting it seems MS is implying even though
> shruti is mithya (bhramAtmaka) but advaita  jnyAna araising from it can
> survive because it is samvAdi to vastustithi in pArmArthika. If this is my
> correct understanding, then I have a question --
> How do anyone is certain this jagat-bhramA is that of samvAdi type? Until a
> given bhramA is get over, one cannot tell it is saMvAdi or asaMvAdi type.
> So also until this jagat-bhrama is over, one cannot tell for sure. You
> cannot argue this is saMvAdi because shruti says so; for shruti themselves
> are bhramAtmaka. Just as asaMvAdi bhramA viShya, what shruti telling may
> not be true ate the end.

This question is addressed in the Siddhi by pointing out upakrama, etc.
tatparya linga-s. That there is a separate debate about this beside the
matter. Hence, what shruti says, as seen by the Advaitin, is not subject to

Further, the BSB 2.1.14 has also said, in this very context, that there is
no evidence for a bādhaka jnāna for the one that has arisen from the shruti
by which someone who has become liberated using the shrutyupadiṣṭa jnāna
has returned to samsāra.

न चेयमवगतिर्नोत्पद्यत इति शक्यं वक्तुम् , ‘ तद्धास्य विजज्ञौ’ (छा. उ. ६ ।
१६ । ३)
 इत्यादिश्रुतिभ्यः, अवगतिसाधनानां च श्रवणादीनां वेदानुवचनादीनां च
विधीयमानत्वात् । न चेयमवगतिरनर्थिका भ्रान्तिर्वेति शक्यं वक्तुम् ;
अविद्यानिवृत्तिफलदर्शनात् , *बाधकज्ञानान्तराभावाच्च ।    *

*// *One cannot say that the veda-based realization is devoid of fruit or a
delusion since the result of cessation of avidya is seen and since there is
the absence of any conradictory knowledge.//


> So, even if one accepts the concept of saMvAdi-asaMvAdi types, the issue
> about shruti is still not addressed. Any pointer from siddhi is
> appreciated.
> /sv

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