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> Yes, shAstras do prohibit travelling across the seas. However, if that has
> already happened, and there is no possible means of moving back to India,
> then the next best thing is to do the karma where one is present.
If it was possible to go abroad it is also possible to come back. Why it
will become impossible permanently? Is Indian Govt prohibiting them to come
back? Not a chance. Mostly people give excuses to keep on staying abroad.
They will come for short visits but they hesitate to permanently come back.
Some try to come back and expect too much from the Govt and friends and
relatives to treat them like Kings. When they are disappointed they again
go back abroad. This also happens.

> In the case of nityakarma, which have to be compulsorily done, a failure to
> perform them citing unfavourable circumstances will only incur pratyavAya.
> In the case of kAmya karma, the efficacy of it is likely to be affected (or
> even turn adverse) if the rules prescribed in shAstra are not strictly
> adhered to. Therefore one has very little latitude when it comes to kAmya
> karma.
 But Nitya karma also requires Suddhi of place, person and time. In a time
of Ashaucha when somebody close in your family has died and you become
impure you can do Sandhya up to Arghya Pradaana. Some Pandits say you
should not even do that much. Gayatri Japa is not allowed. Nitya Devata
Archana is not allowed. This is showing Suddhi is always required. The
question of Pratyavaya comes if you are pure and don't do Nitya Karma.

> Every karma has an utkriShTa paksha and a gauNa paksha - a superior way of
> doing it and a middling way. It is true that the superior way is better
> than the middling way, but when we are talking of nityakarma, the middling
> way is better than no way. Therefore, if the choice is between not
> performing nityakarma at all or doing it within the constraints of the
> situation, the latter is a better approach.
 Sudddhi should be there. Without proper Suddhi all Vaidika Karmas will not
have any meaning.

> However, there should be a desire to perform a karma correctly and we
> should ask Ishvara for that opportunity.
> Regards,
> Venkatraghavan
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