[Advaita-l] Chanting Gayatri overseas

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I agree with what you say. However, Srigeri Matha is not irresponsible
matha. They must have a reason to do so.
I think that today, dharma has deteriorated to such an extend, especially
in cities, that it may be an emergency, hence Apatdharma may be invoked
rather than sAmAnya dharma.

Look at Kerala, it no more 'God's Own Country' Hindus are minority and
Kerala is ruled by Communists.
In north, there are few who may practice varNAshrama dharma in a proper

There is reason for everything. I dont know what it is, but without cause,
there is no action.


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>  There should be two different discussions. One is if a Brahmin goes abroad
> and returns back to India what he must do? Second if Brahmin goes abroad
> and does not come back but keeps on staying there what happens? First
> question is easier than second. The foreign returned Brahmin can do
> Prayaschitta and become acceptable in Brahmin circles. But if he keeps on
> going abroad and coming back many times and doing Prayaschitta each time
> what is the value of Prayaschitta? He must think about it.
> Second question is difficult to answer because our Mathadhipatis have
> opened branches abroad. They are allowing Priests to go there. They may
> have a plan. Send some priests and after some time they will come back to
> India. Then send other priests. After some time they will also come back.
> The plan is no priest will stay permanently abroad. They come back and do
> Prayaschitta and become pure again. The Matha branch will develop more and
> at the same time no Brahmin will become impure permanently. The problem
> comes if a Brahmin has become permanently settled in foreign land. I think
> even Sringeri Swamijis will agree no Brahmin should permanently live
> abroad. He must come back. Because this Bharata Bhoomi is Karma Bhoomi and
> Punya Bhoomi. People may criticize India and say it is Third World and full
> of corruption. But you cannot Judge a country with thousands of years
> history with some hundred years view. Why they are looking at last 700 or
> 800 years history of Moghals and British? What about thousands of years of
> Sanatana history before that? So many Rishis and Adi Sankara lived before
> and they made this Land pure.

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