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Sri Prashantji

I have the same question as Sri Shashiji. How can the teaching of an eternal shruti (like the Brihadaranyaka upanishad) change with time and place?


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 Dharma (and its
 interpretation) evolves through time. What is stated in the
 Brhadaranyaka upanishad may be contextual to the social
 situation then. These boundaries can be widened as
 contemporary sampradayavits see fit.
 As someone correctly points out, even the
 Jagadguru of Sringeri has blessed the SVBF mandir to be set
 up in Pennsylvania. Surely these Acharyas have a better
 understanding of the commentaries and how to make them
 applicable in present times. Personally, I don't see
 ourselves fit to form a universal opinion for Hindus to
 follow, but certainly these teachers are in a position to do
 so, and they have. So far I have not seen any counter to
 this point
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 I am
 surprised that in this entire discussion no one has quoted
 the Brihadaranyaka upanishad so far.
 Br.Up.1.3.10 advises against foreign travel. Shankara
 interprets it in the same way.
 Travel should be confined to lands inhabited by people
 possessing Vedic knowledge - this is the gist.
 Thus, there is Shruti prohibition against foreign travel.
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