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Thank you Sujalji for this post that is clearly in contrast to the ones
whose hidden agenda is to vilify the Sringeri peetham and the Acharyas of
the Advaita sampradaya. I also thank you for the Parashara smriti


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Namaste Sri Kalyan ji,

I talked to my friend who has visited Sringeri Matha several times. He
daily practises nitya karma and anusthana, that he is supposed to do as a
Brahmin.​ He did not have all the answers, but honestly gave some answers.
I will share the same.

   1. In Sringeri Matha, there is a belief that crossing ocean is not
   2. Sringeri Jagadguru himself never initiated any setting up of any
   matha or branches in any foreign land.
   3. It is the locals who wanted to practice sanAtana dharma and so kept
   requesting Sringeri Jagadguru many times.
   4. Who actually initiated this establishment is not known to him, but
   according to him matha is just for administrative purpose.
   5. Sringeri Jagaguru may be aware of all these happenings. He has been
   getting invitations for foreign travel but has declined everytime and he
   does not intend to travel to foreign land.
   6. Foreign travel should not be more than 3 days
   7. Those Brahmins who trael abroad and settle there or stay for long
   time may return. However they are not allowed to participate in any of
   yajna-s i.e. havan and vedika yagja-s organised by matha and denfinitely
   not in the Sringeri matha itself. Only Bra
   mins from Bharat are allowed to perform Yajna
   8. Sringeri Jagadguru may bless anyone who approaches him but this does
   not mean that he endorses their actions. Many come with a hope to solve
   personal or material problems from Jagadguru. He may bless them but this
   does not mean he will actually take away all their sorrows or say
   and fulfill their wishes.
   9. ​He indicated that at times, Acharya remains detached and neutral to
   many activities and may bless the work as a formality​
   ​. Actually it's not blessings nor it's appreciation, but just a

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