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Sincere unrelated question: why would one want to go to Germany for higher studies in our shastra, if India already has many learned teachers and is the source?


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> Of the Tri Matastha Brahmins only Smaarta and Maadhwa Brahmins follow Varna Ashrama rules strictly
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> Not that all vaiSNava yatis are flouting the rules. There are vaiSNava yatis who practice the AchAra very strictly.  
> The present Azhagiya Singar of Ahobila Muttam Srivan Satagopa Sri.Ranganatha Yateendra Mahadesikan
> is a great vedic scholar and nityAgnihotri.  He is a salakSaNa-ghanApATigal in purvAshrama.  A very modest,
> humble & down-to-earth grihastha.  He wanted to go to Germany for higher studies in shAstra. But Kanchi
> Paramacharya forbid Him and advised to stay back.  Took to nityAgnihotra after marriage.  
> After taking sanyAsa, spends His time in anuSTAna and dharma-prachAra.  He stays away from
> pomp and riches; walks barefoot and takes cold bath even in chilly cold winter. 
> He observes the dharma in 3 ways - with mind, speech and body and hence verily and can aptly
> be called as 'tri-daNdin'.
> regs,
> sriram
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