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Sir John Woodroffe Sir John Woodroffe was born on December 15th 1865 and left the physical body on January 16 th1936. People still believes that he exists even today in the disguise form withhis Kundalini Shakti. Sir assumed many guises.He was a judge, an educator, a Hindu scholar and translator aswell as an author. During hismultifaceted career, he practiced and taught law in India, which lead him topublish the widely read Civil Procedures in British India with Ameer Aliin 1908, as well as other legal texts. Aside from his succesful career in law,which lead to his appointment as Chief Justice of the high court in 1915, hehad a a prolific output as a scholar of Hindu. He wasone of the first people to begin to translate this vast realm of Indian thoughtand practice to the Western world. As a result, he is a central and pivotalfigure in the development of this category within the Western imagination. Listof his publications & works are mentioned below. Accordingto his own words & Beliefs: “ We pray the paradevata shakti united withshiva in the sahasrara charka i.e thousand petal lotus, whose matter is purenectar of bliss (amrita) red like vermillion (1000 rising suns) , The youngflower of Hibiscus, the sunset sky at Godhuli,  time,  whohas folded her way  through the mass ofsound issuing from the clashing and dashing of the two winds, the talk going onbetween the birds in the middy sushumna nadi, rises to that brilliant energy  which glitters with the luster of 10 million lightiningswhose visible form is like a Gar-land of Letters. ThisMaya Kundalini- Kriya Madhumati who quickly goes to and returns from shivagrant us the fruit of Yoga which was nicely described in the Synthesis of Yogaby Yogi Raj Sir Aurobindo Gosh. Sir says that the mother awakened in the cow ofPlenty to Kaulas and the Naga valli dala (Creeper) of all things desired forthose who worship her, the great mother godess. 
As Saptasati says that " Kuputro Jayate Mata Kumata Na Bhavati." It means there can be a crooked son who goes in between the Father & Mother , but there will not be a bad mother. Mother is Mother only, i.e the godess who has given this physical body to walk on the path of Dharma, Ardha, Kama, Moksha. She can only make any sadhaga to reach his Sri guru's feet & unite with his Atma.  Finally She Grants the Liberation (MOKSHAM).
SriGuru Padaravindarpana Mastu Kameswarananda 
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