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What Sri Santosh ji, Sri Bhaskar Prabhu ji and others are saying is true.
If we do not keep up with time, then less and less of young generation will
take interest in Traditional way of life. Ours is demanding mind and there
is plenty of material available for purchase. we live in material world in
material-centered society. Some work needs to be done.

Sri Kalyan ji. yes there are books available in English. However, I would
personally prefer to read it in my mother tongue. Native language is the
best that suits me. Next comes any other Indian Language. For me, Hindi is
closest to Gujarati. English is last option as at times I find that there
is anuvAda, but not bhAvArtha. The essence is missing the depth of
statement is missing in English translation.

However, not everything can be self taught. We need someone to teach us.
Hence an audio or video discourse by a Swami who has studied shAstra-s for
many years, contemplated on it, did sAdhanA and after many years of
practice and study if he gives lectures on gItA or viveka chuDAmaNi, then
his lectures will cover all the essence of upanishads. I think this is a
better approach then picking up shAstra-s ourselves. It will save a lot of
time and give much needed clarity on subjects.

In English, lectures of Swami Chinmayananda are available.

gItA is a part of mahAbhArata so nobody should have objection to teach any
varNa. Only exception is brahma sUtra. It is for the elite.

Hari OM

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> Namaste Sri Santoshji
> If you are looking for material in English regarding Vedanta, there is
> plenty of it available.
> Shankara bhAshyas on prasthAna traya have been translated into English.
> Ramanuja bhAshyas are also available in English.
> Excellent books on Vishishta-advaita were written by Sri SMS Chari. You
> can find some online.
> Excellent books on dvaita were written by Dr BNK Sharma.
> Advaitasiddhi and Gudarthadipika are also available in English. Plenty of
> vedAntic literature is available in English. You can also find literature
> on other darshanas like nyAya, yoga etc. in English. There are plenty of
> English books on Buddhism also.
> Ramayana and Mahabharata translations are also available in English. Some
> of the puranas like Vishnu purana are also available in English. Even vedas
> are available in English.
> There is no lack of works in English. Some of the works are by Indians and
> others are by (mostly) Westerners.
> Regards
> Kalyan
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