[Advaita-l] NilakanTa Dikshitar's Ananda sAgara stavam

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> Dear Sharada Madam,
> Pranams,
> A late member of the advaita vedanta board, Sri S.N. Sastri had translated
> this Ananda Sagara Sthavam jointly with one Mr. P.S.Krishnan into English
> with Tamil transliteration (no Tamil translation). In that book, which
> contains the origiinal Sanskrit verses and the English translation, it has
> been mentioned that copies can be had from S.N.Sastri, 9,V Trust Cross
> Street, Mandavelipakkam, Chennai-600028. This was in 1987. No phone number
> or email address has been given. if you have sri sastri's website details
> (he had a blog or a website, on which he posted some of his translations,
> like Prabodha sudhakaram etc, or if you have his son's email id, you can
> contact his son and get the book. Or, you can write to this address and see
> if you can get the book. I have one copy of the book for my personal use.
> Namaskarams, Ramesh Ramanan/


Since Sri S.N.Sastri is no more one is not sure if the book can be procured
by contacting the above address. I shall try to give a more updated contact
through a friend of mine. Please wait for a while.



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