[Advaita-l] A question about Avidya

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Avidhya is that which is not vidhya.Vidhya is loosely translated as
knowledge.So avidhya is something which is not knowledge or recognized as
such.Avidhya simply denotes that what you know about something is not
correct or inadequate.You have to dwelve deeply to remove that" a "

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> Namaste,
> I have a question about Avidya and I request your views on it. Everyone
> agrees that Avidya is two-fold : agrahana and anyatagrahana. It is same as
> avarana and vikshepa. This corresponds to 'not-knowing' and
> 'incorrect-knowing'. Is this the same as Avidya and Maya? as in, Avidya is
> agrahana and Maya is anyatagrahana?
> Agrahana and anyatagrahana has a cause-effect relation. Because I do not
> know the rope, I see a snake. Does Avidya and Maya too have a cause-effect
> relation? Because of Avidya, there is Maya prapancha?
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