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What to do if a person has no sisters? Then he can take food in cousin
sister's house. But he should not eat in his own house food cooked by his
wife. He can also eat in friend's house treating friend's wife as sister.

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> Dear Friends,                         Today many people celebrate as
> 'Bhagini hasta Bhojan' as it is a boon from Lord Yama Dharma Raja that
> those sister who offers food to their brothers on this day will not have
> the fear of death. The story goes like this is that Yama is the son of Lord
> surya and Yamuna is the daughter. Since Yamuna always walks in front and
> never comes back and it is symbol of time also. Yama is the Lord of death
> who grants the death so easily in time with out any difficulty as a duty.
> Once it happened that on this Sukla Dwitiya of the Kartiki, Yamuna offered
> bhojan to Yama. The Lord of Justice, the Yama was so pleased for her
> sister's affection and granted the boon that who ever offer bhojan to their
> brothers on this particular day will have the blessings from me that they
> will not have 'Apa Mrutyu Bhayam'.
> Why the sister's are called as Bhagini's is that as they were travelling
> in same time with us little forward or backward, but they are sharing the
> same 'bhagam' of the mother yoni from which both arrived. It is the Karmic
> bondage only , not like that you wanted some body as sister or you wanted
> somebody as brother. or you have not made any equation that you want to
> become brother & she wants to become sister.Sister's & Brother's share
> their karma or Karma Phalawith regardsKameswara Rao Dr. M.Kameswara
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