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Dear Shakta Bandhu's,
                                      Bhavanopanishadsays: `shrI guruH sarvakAraNabhUtA shaktiH' – The auspicious master is theall-causative power. The Guru, (the word derived from root `gri', is one whoinstructs religious lore to a student – gR^iNAti upadishati vedAdi shAstrANi. 

He is theone who is adored because of his greatness in wisdom or austerity – gIryatestUyatesaumahattvAt j~nAna tapo vR^iddhatvAt. ‘Guru ‘ takes the first syllable,`gu', to mean ignorance or darkness, and the second, ru, to mean its removal ordestruction – gustvandhakAraH syAdrukArastannivArakaH; and hence the Gurusignifies one who, regulating from within, helps destroy the ignorance whichbinds the student to the transmigratory cycle – girati aj~nAnaM antaryAmirUpeNa, avidyAM nAshayati & also `gu' is made to signify reality, and `ru'knowledge thereof – gukAraH saditi prokto rukAro j~nAnavAchakaH. There is no need tosearch for a ‘Guru’ , although there is nothing wrong in that, if you are inneed of that or your karmic time makes you travel to the place where your ‘Guru’stays and bring your association in front of him which is 'time's play'. The play is going as per Prakriti niyama & ‘Sri Guru’ can transmits the Kundalini shakti  from the guru mandala on ‘veera ratri’ just likethat, The Lotus feet doesn’t need any ‘Vahaka’ or Medium to do the shaktipatfor the needy sadhaga or no proof's are required, then  the ‘Sishya’& master share the sukshma sarira. The Karana Saria which we got from themother’s grace to reach the ‘Sriguru’ will be protected by him un-doubtedly.Hence it is called ‘Sri vidya- Atma Vidya- Maha Vdiya’. Lalita Sahasranama says‘Sri Vidyapasko Charama Janamani’.  One can get angry from Lord Shiva/ or any body else, but one should not see angry from his own guru or one shouldn't put any case against 'Guru'(Punishable offense) as he can only make the sadhaga to enter into 'Guru Mandala'. Kameswarananda

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