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Namaste,                  Bhaskar Ji, in the month of september, you wrote to me that 
"  karma phala sanyAsa and karma saNyAsa
My views & ascertation/contradictions are here, pls put your comments:
"Rshi Yajnavalkya was married (twice no less!) but on "cognizing his true svarupa" as you said left the grhastha ashrama.  
what ever Yanjavalkya did was he shared his wealth to one wife & Knowledge to another one as he could able see brahman & reached him. Although Matireye was not keen in the wealth as she opted for knowledge if I am correct.
Another example today murthyji coated was Emperor Yayati also spent his valuable time with his servant sharmishta as his wife was not loyal to him.
My understanding in sannyasa Glory is that one a person receives his sannyasa diksha from his Guru, he should restrict himself up to that, rather than changing his mind latter, since I spent some time in sannayasa, Now I will spent some time as Bhogi/house holder which is not possible at all, against the moral ethics, why I have written like this is that I saw few persons like this. Sannyasi can not become a house holder other wise maximum he can become jnani/or Nityananda.
Another example, The great saint of varanasi, Swami Karpatri ji is a house hold initially & father of a girl child and then taken sannyasa diskha by leaving all the things from Shankaracharya Brahammananda Sarswati Ji.
For sanyasi , the rati kriya occurs in the buddhi kuharam as his guru's shakti was inbuilted/inbibed in his 'Danda' which resembles like meru danda (Vertebrate).This is just like sudarshan kriya or taking kundalini of mula dhara to Sahasrara.Sannyasi will get satisfaction/enjoyment by talking to one self in his buddhi kuhara , where his liberation is depends upon his association with his guru or simply by 'Kapala Bheda"
There can be Sannyasa from Karma phala but not the other way as sannayasa from Karma.
Since one has to bear the fruits of the Karma as there is no escape , Sannyasa can be a better choice by strictly following rules of Dasanami Sampradaya, no single exemption is allowed.Where as in order to bear the Karma, sannyasa is not the right choice, better things could be Jnani, do another karma become bhogi or be like a jain, ahimsavadi/non-violent, become a social worker to the society with out touching anything,  being non attached to worldly matters by doing your duty.

 with regardsKameswara Rao
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 Humble sAshtAnga praNAms Sri Jaldhar prabhuji
Hare Krishna

Not all of them.  The relevant text for this topic is Maitreyi Brahmana of Brhadaranyaka upanishad.  Rshi Yajnavalkya was married (twice no less!) but on "cognizing his true svarupa" as you said left the grhastha ashrama. Ask yourself why was it neccessary?

>  Yes, I too am wondering.  Does this mean after 'cognizing (realizing) the true svarUpa' there needs to be done something else also to complete the formality??  After realizing the svarUpa, one has to go to conducive place to maintain this jnana intact??  Not sure...Anyway, as per some prakaraNa grantha (pancha dashi / jeevanmukti viveka ??) sage yajnavalkya is not a highest level jnAni (not varishTa in jani's gradation).  So, as per this work, there is a room to think he needs another Ashrama to establish himself in the 'known' svarUpa jnana.  

Your humble servant
Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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