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> Among the Bhairavas worshiped in tantric and agamic traditions, Vatuka
> Bhairava is one of the forms very famous. But, do not think this answers
> your Question though.

Dear Nithin,

There is a popular name among South Indian Tamils: Vatuka nāthan, or
Vaduganāthan, among Chettiars, etc. There is a temple too for Lord Shiva,
by this name:


Here one can see the name Bhairava associated to Vaduganathan.

A Tamil article says: //காசி விஸ்வநாதர் தன்னுடைய கால பைரவரை மூர்த்திகளில்
ஒருவரான வடுக பைரவரை இந்த வனத்திற்கு அனுப்பி வைத்தார்.//

In response to a prayer by a Tamil saint, Lord Shiva of Kāśi, deputed a
form called 'Vatuk Bhairava' (a form of Kāla Bhairava, a famous temple in
Varanasi) to the Southern spot in the Tamil region.  In commemoration of
this event, the temple there is known as Vaduganathar.  You can see the
very Vatuk Bhariva is stationed here.

Thanks for your reply which triggered my curiosity and the above is the

The famous hymn to Kālabhairava is composed by Adi Shankara.

 Names 'Batuk Shastri' are common among North Indian Brahmins. The V and B
are interchangeable. Vaṭu is a boy who is endowed with the upanayana


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>> Namaste
>> In the Prapanchasāratantra of Shankaracharya there is a verse that asks
>> the
>> aspirant optionally to meditate on Rudra in the form of a babe:
>> Chapter 26 [Dakṣiṇāmūrti upāsana]
>> अथ वामलकमलपुटा-
>> न्तरितं शिशुवेषभूषणं रुद्रम् ।
>> ध्यात्वा जपेद्यथाव-
>> द्धुतक्लृप्त्या मृत्युनाशनं दृष्टम् ॥
>> Is there any reference to this form of Rudra in any Vedic or smṛti texts
>> or
>> even in the kāvya-s?
>> regards
>> subrahmanian.v
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