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Dear Bhaskarji,                            I am referring to the e-mail on 13th September at 11AM with the thread " Karma & Renunciation together' I strict to the statement that "There can be Sannyasa from Karma phala but not the other way as sannayasa from Karma".
Before taking sannyasa diskha, the person should physically cut all the bondages which he has in the materialistic world & He should give up all to his preceptor/Guru who is giving the Diksha, i.e the Kashaya dhari with his danda, then only he will succeed in his sannyasa asrama & From that he should never return to the House holder.He should also  take the food by 'Bikshatan' not by cooking.Cooking of the Food is strictly prohibited for sannyasi.
The other way which I am talking is that Sannyasa from Karma is some thing like that, it can be 'Manasika', I mean you will not be wearing the 'Kashya vastra' always which one has to do during Diksha time & parvadina. He should spend his time alone most of the time at a single place, not roaming much and his departure from the physical body/materialistic world should be 'Not eartlhy samadhi', it can be a kapala bheda or salila dipping for which our family sets the best example. One should be dipped in the ganges with under weight so that his physical body  should be eaten by Jalachara i.e Fishes & their family members, after the shakti/breath leaves him.

"cognizing his true svarupa" after the grhastha ashrama.
Sir Ji, Swarupa Nirupana hetu can only be done by 'Sri guru' who has implanted his shakti power into the sadhaga at the required time, other than that none can do that job or any certificate will not help in knowing the person's Brahamma Svarupa.Why I told like this that during the 'Sri vidya purna diksha' Process, The sahdaga will be purified physically using all the auspicious water, i;e ganges, godavari, narmada, yamuna, saraswati & matruaka/mitti  obtained form the elephants/horses/cows resting place, leaves obtained from arka,aswatta, bilva, tulasi, oudambara, maddi & mango. It is an act of physical rupa bhavana only, but actually everything is comming from the sri guru's feet.

kindly put your views
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 praNAms Sri Kameswararao prabhuji
Hare Krishna

Namaste,                  Bhaskar Ji, in the month of september, you wrote to me that
"  karma phala sanyAsa and karma saNyAsa My views & ascertation/contradictions are here, pls put your comments:

>  prabhuji, kindly pardon me which mail you are referring here?? Pls. let me know.

"Rshi Yajnavalkya was married (twice no less!) but on "cognizing his true svarupa" as you said left the grhastha ashrama.

>  This has been said by Sri Jaldhar prabhuji, today for which I have commented with regard to post jnana action by the jnAni. 

There can be Sannyasa from Karma phala but not the other way as sannayasa from Karma.

>  Kindly elaborate.

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!


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