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namaste and apologies for writing in English.

*rAmAyaNa audio*
I've longed to distribute rAmAyaNa-mUla-pATha for the benefit of all, but
faced many obstacles - thankfully, shrI M.V.R.Sharma has already done so
and more! (vAlmIki rAmAyaNa + AdhyAtma-rAmAyaNa + bhAgavatam + nArAyaNIyam
+ garuDa purANam) -

In case you prefer to hear via podcast players, consult
https://goo.gl/MrJv7c as usual.

​Enjoy and jaya shrI rAma, jaya hanuman.​

*​mahAbhArata recording project*​
​mahAbhArata is the panchama-veda and should reside in every hindu's heart;
but alas one has no means to listen to it in sanskrit. So, I've heard the
Illiad and Odyssey but not bhArata.

We're (so far 3 folks) embarking on a project to record and make available
freely and conveniently the entire mahAbhArata (in original sanskrit,
edition <https://archive.org/details/mahabharata01ramauoft> ). That's
100000+ shloka-s or 4.25x rAmAyaNa-s. So, the more volunteers we find the
better; experience tells me that long drawn projects tend to be doomed.

Please contact me offline if you are fluent at (and enjoy) reading sanskrit
verses (consult the rAmAyaNa recordings above to get an idea) and can
commit time to recording assigned sarga-s within reasonable time. All you
need is a smartphone with an appropriate mp3 recording app (eg. ASR
<https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nll.asr&hl=en> on

​kRShNAya​ tasmai namaH.

Vishvas /विश्वासः

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