[Advaita-l] Significance of Mula Avidya

Venkata sriram P venkatasriramp at yahoo.in
Fri Oct 27 02:24:38 EDT 2017

how can arising of rajju jnAna or shell jnAna later...

I think Madhusudana Saraswathi defines 'bhAva' rupa as something different from 'abhAva' in His
monumental work 'Advaita Siddhi'.  I have not read that work but heard someone saying.

अनादिभाव रूपत्वे सति ज्ञानविवर्त्या अविद्या । भावत्वं च अत्र अभावविलक्षणत्वमात्रं विवक्षितम् 

A scholar while supporting the above view says that if bhAva rUpa of ajnAna is accepted as an
existing entity, then it affects the main principle of advaita as one has to accept two truths (entities) ie.,
Ignorance & Brahman which violates the basic principle of advaita vedanta.

So, the meaning of 'ajnAna' as 'bhAva-rupa' implies acceptance of it's presence just like presence of 
shasha in chandra.  

dispel the ajnAna vastu,

You yourself has accepted that ajnAna is present and hence concluded to be bhAva-rupa.

भव शंकरदेशिक मे शरणम्...



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