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In the opening chapter of the ChAndogya upaniShad, there is a statement:

यदेव विद्यया करोति श्रद्धयोपनिषदा तदेव वीर्यवत्तरं भवति  whoever performs a
ritual with full knowledge of its meaning, with shraddhA, belief in its
efficacy and with upaniShad, meaning with upAsana, then that will be more
efficacious than the karma done without knowledge of its meaning, without
shraddhA and without upAsana.

Shankara comments thus: दृष्टं हि लोके वणिक्शबरयोः पद्मरागादिमणिविक्रये
वणिजो विज्ञानाधिक्यात् फलाधिक्यम् ; तस्मात् यदेव विद्यया विज्ञानेन युक्तः
सन् करोति कर्म श्रद्धया श्रद्दधानश्च सन् , उपनिषदा योगेन युक्तश्चेत्यर्थः,
तदेव कर्म वीर्यवत्तरम् अविद्वत्कर्मणोऽधिकफलं भवतीति ; विद्वत्कर्मणो
वीर्यवत्तरत्ववचनादविदुषोऽपि कर्म वीर्यवदेव भवतीत्यभिप्रायः ।
That something done with full knowledge, faith and concentration is more
efficacious than the one done without these qualities is well known even in
everyday life. However this does not mean that the ritual performed
mechanically is fruitless, it is just that this is more fruitful. However
in both cases, the mantra ought to be pronounced correctly, that is an
absolute necessity.


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>  Balasubramanian Ramakrishnan rama.balasubramanian at gmail.com wrote:
> > This is from the pANinIya shikShA and repeated in many other shikShA-s. A
> > commentary I have read on one of the other shikShA-s (forget which one
> now,
> > might be the vyAsa) is perceptive. He says that the artha here refers to
> > the accents, udAtta, anudAtta, etc., since these are crucial to the
> > meaning. Understanding the actual meaning is secondary.
> >
> Yes, so far as the effect of performing a ritual is concerned, knowing the
> meaning
> of Mantras is certainly secondary to chanting accurately.
> > In fact, understanding the meanings in Vedic mantra-s is secondary to the
> > point of almost irrelevance. Correct chanting is paramount.
> >
> That's taking it to the "extreme" level! Knowing the meanings of Mantras is
> very good. One should add that knowing the *correct* meaning - not just
> the literal
> meaning - is excellent.
> Besides, the Veda doesn't consist of Mantras alone, but also Vidhis
> (Brahmanas).
> One can ask the question: "Which is more important - Mantras or
> Vidhis/Brahmanas?"
> Of course, the answer is that both are equally important, but some would
> say
> that the balance is 51-49 in favor of the Vidhis, since even to know which
> Mantra
> to recite comes from the Vidhis. Hence knowing the meanings of the Vidhis
> is the
> foundation of Dharma!
> > Rama
> >
> Regards,
> Kartik
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