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Dear Friends,                       All of us emerges from three quality permutations & Combinations, i.e Sattva, Rajas & Tamasika. The order or exact quantity of each quality depends on the Probability i.e Chance of occurring each in a random event (nCr=n!/(n-r!)r!. It is Sankhya sastra equation. Each quality may be expressed in any certain case once, twice, thrice or many times on each ocassion. These three qualities were discussed in this forum several times.
In Bhagavad Gita, Krishna says that 'A person with highly talent, intelligent may fail in reaching the god with out Shraddha where as a person with less talent may excel if the goal is pursued with single-pointed determination and will reach his target & it is certain. In order to reach the god, we should have the biggest quality i.e PURITY. I mean the body has to be purified with tranquility, daya, vastly, karuna, anukampa, maitri. To do this one has to learn the 'nasa' i.e if you are worshipping the lord shvia , one has to do Maha - nYasa before abhishekam, so that our body is ritually purified and our mind is inclined to the ecasty so that we can reach the god. In this process, we chants the rudra, namaka by touching each part of the body physically.  Where as in the Goddess mother worship also, we do Laghu Shodashanyasa, in that we do puja with 16 upacharas which are nothing but shodasa samskaras. Some people also performs 'Maha Shodanyasa for the mother so that mother blesses with compassion. we often say 'Salila ma pujya' in that for every thing water we require, i,e it is Pure with out any touching quality and dissolves everything in that. There is no dhatu on this earth which is pure like water, it is one of the panchabhutas.
A gift given without expectation of reward at the right time & place is sattvika charity, Rajasika gives gift with some expectation & greadyness, where as an Tamasika gives the gift with intended purpose for that he has to pay the bill and does not succeed in his plans. When some one cultivate Sattva, It shines through every aspect of our personality and by which we bring joy & cheers to all those who lives around us in the karmic time. There by one move towards the state of enlightenment/God-Realization.
Source: TIMES, Author: Jaya Row
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