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Dear Sri Sadananda,
The mantra 2-4 of Kena upanishad andSri Shankara's commentary to that mantra is simple, and straigtforward and direct. It does not contain all these  technical jarjons so mentioned . Why make a simple thing complicated by bringing in all unnecessary technical terms ! That is how the simplicity of Atmajnana is made the most complicated one. 

With respectful namaskars,Sreenivasa Murthy

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 Dear Friends,            Please ponder over the following teaching:       
Recognize that whichnever changes. 

That is a universaland time-tested pointer. 

Yes, the mind cannotfind that. 

But whoever said touse the mind?

 The real looking does not involve the mind atall. 

You are presentbefore thought appears, as the one to whom thought arises. 

So look into thatwhich is aware of thought. 

Clearly, the mind isnot going to be useful or needed for this. 

How can the mindlook into that which is prior to the mind?                                                   

[John Wheeler]

Is this not What mantra 2-4 of Kena Upanishad is revealing?

Is it not the genuine traditional method of teaching of Atmajnana?

I do not think so. He is confused. What is involved in 'real-looking' as he uses that word? Who is the real looker - in his looking? The self or the mind? Self being infinite cannot look at anything or need not have to look at anything or there is really nothing to look at,., since it is one without a second. Self has no confusion whatsoever. It is the mind that is confused. Hence scriptures instruct that mind only - go to a teacher and learn first. 
How can he look without using the mind? - he will go to sleep only.
Confusion is only in the mind that is enlivened by chidaabhaasa or reflected consciousness. That mind has to look within - The teaching is it is the mind of the mind. Words are used to uplift the mind from objectification but to look within to see what makes the mind to mind.  or what makes the mind to function or think and make even the mind to be aware of itself.  
It is like this - Moon not being luminous becomes luminous by reflecting sunlight - That enlivened moon thinks that I am a self-luminous entity. That moon has to be educated - It has to learn that its luminosity is not due to itself but due to the reflection of the all-pervading sunlight. One can not see the original sunlight. Looking at the reflected light only (moonlight) moon has to recognize that the light it emits is due to all-pervading sunlight - that forms the light of the light.   
Hence the scriptures also say that one has to learn from sampradaya teacher.
Hari Om!Sadananda


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