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Tue Apr 3 04:27:01 EDT 2018


Some comments on the divine text - bhAgavatam:

hari om.

 - bhAgavatam is a treasure on jnAna, bhakti, and history of human race.
 - For karma likely mahAbhArata is the best. 
 - For yoga there are multiple gems of texts.
 - Book-2 of bhAgavatam is very deep in content.
 - Book-2 also contains catu shloki bhAgavat - the original teaching that
   brahmA received from God ( = some combination of Adi puruSa, virATa and
   adhi puruSa). It is important to note that catu shloki bhAgavat hints
   at something like "rope snake analogy".
 - kapila-s teachings in Book-3 is one of the best reference on sAnkhya.
 - Chapter on yoga siddhi-s in uddhava gItA gives a very different perspective
   on this subject, compared to say yoga sutra-s.
 - The last chapter of bhAgavatam (excluding the concluding 
   chapters) gives out the Ayudha rahasya-s of viSNu's weapons.

hari om.

Shrinivas Gadkari

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