[Advaita-l] How can the reality of brahman be proven?

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None of the means of knowledge are adequate to know that because of which
everything is known. This is not just an advaitin's view. shAstra itself
says this. As yAjnavalkya observes, येनेदं सर्वं विजानाति तं केन
विजानीयाद्विज्ञातारमरे केन विजानीयात्? Therefore, the only means by which
brahman can be known is through shAstra, which is why bhagavAn bAdarAyaNa
says शास्त्र योनित्वात्.


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> Advaitins often claim that the reality of the world cannot be proven. Fair
> enough.
> I want to ask - how can the reality of brahman be proven?
> Is it just a matter of faith in Sruti/smriti? (If yes, then the reality of
> brahman is also a matter of faith. It is not proven. If no, please explain
> how the reality of brahman is proven.)
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