[Advaita-l] sandhyavandanam summer camp for kids - 2018

Venkata sriram P venkatasriramp at yahoo.in
Mon Apr 9 09:27:05 EDT 2018

Dear All,

Summer has come and schools have given vacation.  So, gearing up for 'sandhyavandanam summer camp' for brahmaNa vaTus by 
Sri. Janardananda Saraswathi Trust which conducts every year as usual.  It is commencing from 2nd May'18.

The brochure is attached in the website.  This may be circulated to interested students.


The brochure is in the link:




The aradhana of Swamiji falls on 18th & 19th of Apr'18 and this time we are inviting Shri.Mani Dravida Sastrigal as a 
Spl. Guest of Honour to receive the pAritoshika and sambhAvana.

वन्दे गुरुं शंकरम्


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