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> According to upanishadic mahavaakya 'sarvam kalvidam brahma' this whole
> universe is pervaded by Brahman and it is the material as well as efficient
> cause. In that case the body with all the koshas all the way to individual
> atma is also Brahman. My question is Why does Vedanta start with
> differentiating atma as different from deha and it's attendant Koshas?

Everything, that is, the effects, is Brahman the Cause. That is the idea.
As effects they are anatma and as non-different from cause, they are all
atma. As effects they are mere words, having no existence apart from Atma.
As cause, they are mithya being mere names and forms, but Atma their cause.
As long as our attention is on deha and the other koshas, taking them to be
me, forgetting the Atman, the shaastra has to show them as different from
Atma and show us how they are Atma-vilakshana.  This is to help us give up
the idea of reality we erroneously attach to the five koshas and focus on
the Atman, the only real. It is only when one is completely convinced about
the unreal-real division with respect to the koshas and atma, will the
truth of sarvam khalvidam brahma sink in one's understanding.


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