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@ Bhaskar ...Beautifully Explained . Thankyou

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> praNAms
> Hare Krishna
> According to upanishadic mahavaakya 'sarvam kalvidam brahma' this whole
> universe is pervaded by Brahman and it is the material as well as efficient
> cause. In that case the body with all the koshas all the way to individual
> atma is also Brahman. My question is Why does Vedanta start with
> differentiating atma as different from deha and it's attendant Koshas?
> >  The fundamental problem or tendency of human being is identifying
> oneself with his body, mind and intellect (BMI) barring other BMI-s from
> his BMI and by doing so he unknowingly differentiates the Chaitanya in
> other BMI-s also from that of his chaitanyaM.  This is called avidyA.  To
> get rid of this, shruti first start that you are not body, you are mind,
> you are not intellect etc.  and you are Chaitanya which does not have any
> shareera.  This type of teaching is very helpful to get rid of the wrong
> notion that we are custodian of some set of BMI and other sets of BMI
> belong to others etc.  When we realize the true svarUpa of our Chaitanya we
> realize the all upAdhi-s are belong to this chaitanyaM only and this
> Chaitanya is the both material and efficient cause of this creation i.e.
> including pancha tanmAtra-s, pancha kOsha-s etc.  In vedAnta this is called
> samyak drushti or samyak jnana in which you see each and everything as THAT
> only...In short the in and out of everything is amruta brahma only and
> there exists nothing else apart from brahman.  Shruti explains this
> beautifully :  Yasmin brahmaNi pancha pancha janAH , avyAkrutAkhya OtaM cha
> prOtaM cha amrutaM brahma manyA ahaM, na cha ahaM AtmAnaM tataH anyatvena
> jAne.  ahamannaM, ahamannAdaH, ahaM shlOkakruta etc.  smruti too explains
> this sama drushti in the shloka : vidyA vinaya saMpanne brAhmaNe gavi
> hastini shunishchaiva svapAkecha paNditAH sama darshinaH.
> And for more details how brahman though nirguNa, niravayava, nirvishesha
> etc. can be the material and efficient cause, you can refer sUtra bhAshya
> 2.1.8 to 13 or 14.  Basic problem with us, the ajnAni-s, is we wrongly
> think that we are only ring not bangle nor bracelet etc.  but shruti makes
> us to realize that neither ring nor any vAchAraMbhaNa exists apart from
> GOLD and at the same time GOLD 'as_it_is' does not have any nAma and rUpa.
> When we realize the GOLD svarUpa in its entirety there is no room for us to
> think we are ONLY ring (individual BMI)  and bangles & other shapes  (other
> BMI-s) are different from ring.  To drive home this point shruti gives us
> mrudghata, suvarNAbharaNa examples and to establish the fact that GOLD in
> itself does not carry any diversification (neha nAnAsti kiMchana)  gives
> the examples like rajju-sarpa, shukti-rajata etc.
> Hence, the conclusion is (atleast according to my understanding) brahman
> is jagat and he is beyond jagat as well ( sarvaM khalvidaM brahma and
> sabhUmim vishvatOvrutvA atyadistta dashAngulaM), sarvataH pANi
> pAdaM....sarvaM Avrutya tishTati but in his svarUpa he is
> sarvendriyaguNAbhAsaM sarvendriya vivarjitaM....nirguNaM guNabhOktru
> cha...etc.
> Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!
> bhaskar
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