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> Namaskarams.
> Based on the Upanyasams I have heard, Vidya is also Maya which remains
> after Avidya Maya is gotten rid of. Advaita Brahmam state is reached when
> Vidya Maya is also gone.

This is correct. Since Maya is made of sattva, rajas and tamas, the latter
two are the cause of samsara. The Sattva is the cause of moksha. Thus, both
bondage and moksha are within the realm of maya. Turiya, Brahman, is beyond
all the three gunas and thus transcends samsara and any connection with the
world. Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa used to say: There are two types of
Maya: vidya maya and avidya maya. We have to resort to Vidya maya and pray
to her to rid us of avidya and if we are sincere she will free us from
avidya maya and give us vidya to thereby end bondage.

All sadhana, puja, tirtha yatra, satsanga, etc. are exercises in vidya


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