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Dear BhaskarJi,
                                 A very nice explanation indeed.  When I tried to elaborate or explain to my people regarding ganesha Upanishad, as it says 'sarvam kalvidam brahmasi'..etc, my words fails to understand the inner meaning. I will be using this wonderful explanation to teach them.

Pls elaborate or put some light on this!

"Why does Vedanta start with differentiating atma as different from deha and it's attendant Koshas?
 my understanding goes if atma is not separated from the deha, we can't reach a state of liberation. one can do this with the help of vedanta which is a knowledge tank. I mean to ask whether a vedantin can be preacher for the whole life? for him he accepts everything. Whether he has to wait for the day to be self-realized?.


praNAms Sri Kameswararao prabhuji
Hare Krishna

Thanks for your kind words.  Yes you are absolutely right prabhuji.  In the sAdhana patha we have to first learn to disassociate ourselves from dehAtma buddhi or adhyAsa (atasmin tatbuddhiH) then only we can develop the viveka and vairAgya to realize the dehAteeta svarUpa of ours.  The very subject matter of adhyAsa bhAshya is this.  The very purpose of taittireeya paNcha kOsha analysis is this.  The individuality or dehAtma buddhi (parichinna drushti)  is the deep rooted adhyAsa which is naisargika (quite natural) explains bhAshyakAra.  So the liberation is nothing but getting rid of this individuality or vyashti drushti.  When this vyashti drushti or bhrAnta buddhi effaced the samyak drushti develops on its own and that drushti fetch him the knowledge that he is warp and woof of this whole jagat, just like a small wave in big ocean realizing that it is and other small and big waves and whole ocean is nothing but WATER and WATER alone nothing else.  The jagat is nothing but vishesha darshana of that brahman.  DakshNAmurthy shloka explains this beautifully by saying : bhUraMbhAMsyanalOmbaramaharnAthO himAmshuH pumAN ityAbhAti charAcharAtmakaM idaM yasyaiva mUrthyashtakaM.  Na anyat kiMchana vidyate vimrushatAM yasmAt parasmAt vibhOH.  In short, in sAdhana mArga, the bhrAnta jeeva should try to do the manana through viveka that he is not parichinna dehendriya manObuddhi ahaMkAra.  When he realized this with shAstra vivekA he gets the knowledge that he is sarvaM (paripUrNa drushti).  bhAshyakAra explains this pUrvaM avidyayA asarva Asit punaH vidyayA avidyApanaye sarvO bhavati.  This is the journey a sAdhaka starts from parichinna drushti and ends with realizing  aparichinna paripUrNa drushti i.e. there exists ONLY brahman and nothing else apart from THAT.

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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