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Dear Aravinda Rao Garu,

TTD has published major suktas of Rg Veda in Telugu with Sayana as the
basis.  Translated into simple telugu by Shri.Kurumaddali Hayagriva Sarma
Garu who was close associate of my sanskrit teacher.  Published in 2
volumes with simple commentary 'without diluting the intent of sayana'.  I
have purchased those 2 copies and gone thru them and found to be extremely
useful for my swAdhyAya.  The e-books are online here:





Apart from this, the major important suktas of Rg Veda are 1) Nasadiya 2)
Asyavamiya.  These have been published by RK Mutt with wonderful
commentaries by Swami Harshananda Ji with short notes of Swamiji.  Swami
Atmananda, a great vedantin, also commented by Asyavamiya which was
published by Dr.Kunhan Raja,

Here is the soft copy which contains both sayana & Atmananda's commentary.
Atmananda's is found to be from shAkta's perspective as this commentary has
mysticism of srividya.  I gone thru that but need a thorough contemplation
& meditation on this book while reading because certain esoteric concepts
are tangential to me.






On Tuesday, April 10, 2018 at 3:29:58 PM UTC+5:30, Aravinda Rao wrote:
> Dear sirs,
> Having not studied the Rigveda and its bhashyam I wish to know the suktas
> which can be called as philosophical passages, such as the Purusha suktam,
> Nasadiya suktam, Asyavamiya Suktam etc.
> There is a general impression (even among the teachers of Vedanta) that
> the samhita portions are totally about the rituals and only the Upanishads
> have the philosophical discussions. This has also led people to jump to the
> conclusion that it is all under the influence of Buddhism.
> It will be interesting to know of the samhita portions more thoroughly.
> Hence the query. I will be grateful if someone can give a list of suktas.
> Regards,
> Aravinda Rao
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