[Advaita-l] Zeal and a positive attitude is all that is needed to face any crisis

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Dear Shri Subramanian,
Thanks for your blessings and posting your views on ‘my’ way of facing the crisis and contributions ad so called achievements.

Life transformation and optimum utilisation of 'this BMI' has been possible only and only because of the spiritual progress and the pursuit of Self knowledge, mainly through Swamiji Paramarthananda’s lectures of ‘Prasthana thraya’ and ‘Prakarana granthas’..

Turning point happened about 15 years before with the implementation of many of the principles of Bhagawad Gita in 'my practical life' and deep understanding and internalisation of the meaning of some of the Gita slokas in ‘my passive life'. These were later got reinforced with Swamiji’s lectures on the Shankara Bashyams of  Dashopanishads and Bhramma sutra

S K Jayakumar

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Zeal and a positive attitude is all that is needed to face any crisis

Sri Jayakumar (a member of the Advaita l forum)  is my friend. We converse with each other on topics related to Vedanta. It is really inspiring to see his involvement in these activities despite his visual impairment.


May his tribe increase!!

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