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On Tue, Apr 17, 2018 at 8:01 PM, Dr. Yadu Moharir <ymoharir at yahoo.com>

> Namaste Subbu-Ji,
> Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Deities as upaasya.
> This brings me to another question, when did Acharya composed various
> "stotra's" about many deities ?
> Before commenting of various bhaaSya or after ?  I am looking for the
> timelines if that is available.

Namaste Yadu ji,

The various stotras on many deities were composed by Shankara on various
occasions.  For example, the Kanakadhara stotram, on the Goddess of Wealth,
Lakshmi, was composed even before Shankara had left his native village in
search of his Guru.  At that time he was about 8 years.  And the
Dashashloki, a Vedantic hymnal work, was composed when he met his Guru,
when asked by the latter about his identity. The stotra on Narasimha was
composed during the Kapalika encounter.   Some stotras were composed when
he visited some specific temples.  Thus, we get a mix of timelines for
these and we cannot put all the compositions in one category of 'before or
after' the composition of the Bhashyas.  Maybe a perusal of this biography
of Shankaracharya in English, though only a concise one, give you an idea
of the topic on hand:



> Thx
> Dr. Yadu
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> Shankara admits Vishnu and *other deities* as upasya in images
> A post on the above topic is available here:
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> regards
> subrahmanian.v
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