[Advaita-l] A query on Jnani's punya and papa distribution

H S Chandramouli hschandramouli at gmail.com
Mon Apr 23 03:55:27 EDT 2018

Pranams Sri BhaskarJi,

Reg  << If possible kindly give gist of what HH said on this topic.  Now
the question is, if even after jnana, jnAni has some puNya and pApa phala
and that needs to be distributed to his son, friends and foes then it is
clear that jnAnAgni does not 'burn' his saNchita and AgAmi karma
phala...So, what exactly the meaning of : jnAnAgniH sarvakarmANi bhasmAt
kurute tathA which bhAshyakAra clarifies in geeta ??  Does it mean only
karma and NOT karma phala in the case of jnAni,  since his karma phala,
even after paramArtha jnana,  needs to be distributed to his associates
according to the sUtra bhAshya. >>,

I will wait for the talk to be posted by someone on the internet so that I
can give a literal translation of the topic if anyone is interested.
Otherwise I will just give reference to the link itself. Since you know
kannada you may not need any translation. Sri HH also answered the question
raised by you above. I do not want to risk misquoting Sri HH by attempting
a more detailed gist of his talk by memory in the absence of ready access
to the talk itself.

Reg  << Moreover, important question here is :  from which stand point this
jnAni's karma phala and its distribution explained here??  Obviously from
vyAvahArika bheda drushti where jnAni, his individual BMI, his karma
resultant phala and distribution of the same to other jeeva-s (his sons,
friends and foes etc.) because from the paramArtha there is no srushti, no
mukti no bandha hence no jeeva nor his karma, phala etc. >>

This question in my opinion does not  arise as the distribution is not done
by the jnAni himself.

Reg  << When the srushti itself being explained as 'jeeva bhrAnti' where is
the room to think about individuality of jeeva and his karma, phala and its
distribution?? >>,

I don’t know if I understand this type of question. I certainly did not
expect such questions from you also.

I think it is best to listen to the talk itself first and then try to
resolve any pending doubts. In these matters it is what the Shruti declares
that counts and we should try and understand the issue in line with what
the Shruti declares.



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