[Advaita-l] cloning and inevitable mrutyu

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This article sheds light on how and when Jiva enters a fetus-

This may provide some perspective.


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> Venkatraghavanji - PraNAms
> Just couple of comments.
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>  "But can we give a precise
> reason why an electronic entity cannot be considered a jiva with the usual
> faculties of iccha, GYAna, and kriya and having sanchita karma etc."
> Namaste,
> An interesting thought experiment.
> 1) The birth of such a 'jIva' would break the laws of karma.
> How can an android jIva have sanchita karma, ie what would be the
> receptacle for sanchita karma for an android jIva? If you say the sUkshma /
> kAraNa sharIra, then that is created at the same time as the sthUla
> sharIra. -------------Sada: Therefore Suukshma/karana shareera need not be
> created. Upanishads use the word - upavishati - it enters. An appropriate
> jiiva enters into the sthuulashareera if that is conducive to exhaust its
> vaasanaas.
> Question, of course, is what jiiva wants that type of shareera to exhaust
> its vaasanaas?
> To the extent that I am familiar with programming, the emotions of the
> robot also are programmed - just as a computer can be programmed to play
> chess. The process of selection of the emotions are also pre-programmed,
> given the input information and multitude of choices (paths). Hence, just
> as the virus and bacteria and lower forms of the jiivas are pre-programmed
> to follow particular responses to the external stimulus, here the
> programmer(s) take the role of Iswara(s) to set the patterns of the
> responses and also selection process to respond to the external stimulus.
> The robots operate until the program(s) fails. They do not have a will to
> perform independently of the programmed paths.
> Hari Om!Sadananda
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