[Advaita-l] Which entities are said to possess a sUxma sharIra ?

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The points raised by Sri Raghav are extremely important in view of the
topic 'Transmigration' discussed by
Adi Shankaracharya and in Brihadharanyaka  and Chandogya Upanishads. I am
eagerly waiting for inputs from
our learned members.


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> Namaste
> For greater clarity i wish to know
> 1. Does a plant have a sUXma sharIra?
> My understanding is, it does. Since we have sthAvara yoni-s being attained
> due to pApa phala fructification. But point to note is that although a
> plant has no manifest antahkaraNa the way a higher mammal lke a cow etc.,
> have, the plant still has a sUxma sharIra which enables bhukti for the jIva
> born as the plant.
> 2. Does a virus have a sUxma sharIra?
> Its just a a limited set of chemical substances viz., a protein coat and
> DNA., both of which are changeable and removable one at a time. So if we
> change the protein covering and retain the DNA, we would get a different
> virus which behaves differently. Viruses are at the borderline between what
> is jada and chetana. So its a moot question whether it is an independent
> jIva at all in the first place.
> 3. Do single cell orgamisms have sUxma sharIra-s?
> The question arises because if a single celled bacterium is regarded as
> having an independent sUxma sharIra, what is the reason for not positing a
> independent sUxma sharIra-s for each cell in a body of a larger creature?
> 4. Does a stone have a sUxma sharIra?
> Probably not . In special  cases like the earth or Sun as a whole, shAstra
> does seem to talk of an abhimAnI devata who self-identifies with these
> cosmic bodies.
> Any additional clarity on these questions is welcome
> Thank you
> Raghav
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