[Advaita-l] Which entities are said to possess a sUxma sharIra ?

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Fri Apr 27 04:54:04 EDT 2018

Namaste Chandramouli ji
The referred brahma sutra is talking about an indirectly related topic i
was familiar with but interesting in its own right .

The brahma sutra 3.1.24 you referred to makes an interesting point made in
the Chandogya upanishad about the anushayI jivaH who is merely associated
with but does not undergo sukha dukha when he only hitches a ride on water
vapour then liquid water, then barley, rice etc., and is untouched by
suffering when the barley plant is harvested (effectively killed) and the
grains are pounded and cooked etc.,  and enters the male body and upon
population enter the female body and after convection at some point after
fertlization of the game yes, between t=0 days to t=84 to 120 days after
fertlization of the egg, a major transformation happens to the hitherto
sleeping jIva when the anushayI jIva wakes up and is traumatized to find
himself in the new body and regrets having been taken for a ride by mAyA
and has ended up born once again in a yoni.

In the above process, the sleeping anushayI jIva is carried for a while by
some other jIva who is actually identified with that particular plant of
rice or barley whose grains are eaten. For that other jIva who was born as
that sthAvara plant, there is actual sukha dukha when the plant is killed
or harmed but not for the anushayI.

All this is certainly mind blogging and vairagya inducing too. Just a recap
of what is already familiar to you I am sure.

One of my questions was about how we reason that a single cell is an
independent jIva in some cases while in others , its regarded as just a
building block of some other multi celular jIva.

A related question would be
Does it make sense to talk of a single subtle body for a colony of smaller
creatures like the well-known Hofstadter  anthill, corals and sponges for
example? I don't think so but looking for some reasons to justify it.

Thank you

On Fri 27 Apr, 2018, 12:57 PM H S Chandramouli, <hschandramouli at gmail.com>

> Namaste Sri Raghav Ji,
> Reg  << So its a moot question whether it is an independent
> jIva at all in the first place.>>,
> Perhaps the question is answered in BSB 3-1-24. Some of the other
> questions as well. Please refer and confirm if it does. I do not want to  simply
>  imagine what you meant and answer. Perhaps you can yourself clarify.
> Regards

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