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Namaste Anand ji
Thank you for the authentic details as always, written in a comprehensible

It's interesting that the muhurta of 48 minutes was the basic unit and the
day had 15 muhurtas and night had another 15 muhurtas. A total of 30
muhurtas constitute one day-night cycle. (So the 8th muhurta of the night
representing the second half assumes significance.)

30 muhurtas × 48 minutes per muhurta = 24 hours x 60 minutes = 1440 minutes
in a day-night cycle .

Today we follow the 24 hours cycle. Was the ghaDiya of 60 minutes used even
by us or us it a recent introduction in to our system?
 Also was the exact duration of the one minute (60 seconds ) unit common to
both our ancient almanacs and modern chronometry? That sounds like too much
to be a coincidence? Am I missing something here...


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> >The kanchi mutt is following the कालमाधवीयं and sringeri mutt is following
> धर्मसिन्धु...
> >Former is celebrating on 14th and the later on 13th !!
> Dear Shri Sriramji,
> I looked at both the (Kannada) Sringeri and (Telugu version) Kanchi Matha
> Panchangas. First of all, the tithi ending times are telling us that
> Sringeri uses (the ancient) Surya Siddhanta method of determining tithi
> ending times, while Kanchi uses dRg-gaNita. The starting and ending time
> for Chaturdashi tithi are 1) 10:15 PM on Feb 13 and 12:11 AM on Feb 15 as
> per Surya siddhAnta and 2) 10:34 PM on Feb 13 and 12:46 AM on Feb 15 as per
> dRg-gaNita. Now, the rule for mahAshivarAtri states that Chaturdashi should
> prevail during the nishItha kAla of the day when we observe it. The
> nishItha kAla is obtained by dividing the duration of the night (i.e. from
> sunset to sunset the next day) into 15 parts and taking the eighth such
> part. The sunset times at Sringeri and Kanchi differ too, since Sringeri
> sunset is at 6:33 PM and Kanchi sunset is at 6:16 PM. Taking the duration
> of the night as approximately 12 hours (this is sufficient for this
> instance, although the actual duration of night is slightly more than 12
> hours), each 1/15 part of the night is 48 minutes, which is, by the way,
> the duration of a muhUrta. The eighth such part (nishItha kAla) starts 5
> hours 36 minutes after sunset. In Sringeri, this would be 12:09 AM on Feb
> 14 and in Kanchi it would be 11:52 PM on Feb 13. On the next day, the start
> of nishItha kAla is about the same in the two places. The ending time for
> the nishItha kAla would be 12:57 AM on Feb 14 in Sringeri and 12:40 AM on
> Feb 14 in Kanchi. The interesting point to note is that the vyApti of
> Chaturdashi is kArtsnyena (complete, as dharmasindhu puts it) in Sringeri
> on Feb 13-14 night and ekadeshena (partially) on Feb 14-15 night as per
> Sringeri's method, ie. sUrya siddhAnta. When this happens, the rule for
> shivarAtri states that the first night, i.e. Feb 13-14, should be selected
> for observing shivarAtri (paredyuH nishItha-ekadesha-vyAptau pUrvedyuH
> saMpUrNatadvyAptau pUrvaiva). Hence Feb 13-14 is the shivarAtri date for
> Sringeri. The same would have been the case for Kanchi, had it not been for
> the dRg-gaNita method which makes the ending time of Chaturdashi 12:46 AM,
> beyond the ending of nishItha kAla at 12:40 AM. As an interesting twist,
> there is not ekadesha-vyApti but saMpUrNa-vyApti even on the second night,
> i.e. Feb 14-15 *and* saMpUrNa-vyApti on the first night , i.e. Feb 13-14 in
> Kanchi! When this happens, another rule applies which says the majority of
> the dharmashAstra-kAras recommend the second night, i.e. Feb 14-15 in this
> case, while Hemadri and those who follow Hemadri recommend the first night.
> It appears that Kanchi has taken the majority opinion, which includes
> weighty granthas such as nirNyaya-sindhu, kAlamAdhava, and puruShArtha
> chintamaNi. Hence, Feb 14-15 is the shivarAtri date for Kanchi.
> Anand
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