[Advaita-l] 'अविरोधः' - Non-Contradiction - Bhamati

V Subrahmanian v.subrahmanian at gmail.com
Sun Feb 4 10:30:14 EST 2018

In the Bhamati for the Brahma Sutra 1.4.14 there is a fine definition of
the concept of 'avirodha', 'non-contradiction':

अयमर्थः -नानैकशाखागत-तत्तद्वाक्यालोचनया वाक्यार्थावगमे पर्यवसिते सति
प्रमाणान्तरविरोधेन वाक्यार्थावगतेरप्रामाण्यमाशङ्क्य अविरोधव्युत्पादनेन
प्रामाण्यव्यवस्थापनमविरोधलक्षणार्थः ।

By undertaking an analytical study of the passages collectively and
severally of the Vedic shAkhAs when one has arrived at the purport, there
could arise contradictions from other (non-vedic) pramAnas rendering the
validity of the purport arrived at questionable. This is settled by
deriving non-contradiction and establishing the validity of the purport
arrived at. This is the characteristic of avirodha (non-contradiction).

The Second adhyaya of the Brahma sutras is called the avirodha adhyaya as
the above method of non-contradiction is its subject matter.


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