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Thanks for the clarification. I request some pointers regarding : (1) Mention of mathakasha or its equivalent and (2) Ishwaras maya being shuddha sattva and jivas is malina sattva. 

Will be grateful for any help in this regard. And another question is that even if the pot breaks, the mansion-space remains as it is. How to resolve this?
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 In the
 context of avaccheda vada, how is mathakasha any different
 from ghatakasha as both are upadhis? We can simply say jiva
 is ghatakasha and ishwara is brihadghatakasha. But that
 would mean ishwara too has avidya.
 No, this would not mean Ishwara has
 avidya. All the avaccheda-s are due to Maya.  This maya is
 further seen as shuddha sattva (Ishvara) and malina sattva
 Thanks for panchadashi reference but Vidyaranya is using
 another version of reflection theory and not delimitation
 Yes. I had realized that even when I
 stated that reference. 
 Any reference from Shankara/Gaudapada or other 9th century
 Advaitins like Vachaspati? Thanks
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