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Thanks for elaborating. From what I understand, rather than calling it upadhi, a limiting factor, we call it lakshana, an attribute. Then we can say maya is potency of ishwara and avidya is the potency of jiva! My special power is my own delusion! It still does not explain how on jivas liberation, ishwara is also resolved in brahman. Because jiva realizes the identity between jiva and brahman and not between ishwara and brahman. 
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 So even if the pot breaks does Ishwara remain as a distinct
 entity? Also if maya is said to be Ishwaras upadhi, that
 means ishwara is bound by maya. In that case how can a jivas
 release from avidya also result in ishwaras release from
 maya? If maya does not ever bother ishwara like spider and
 its web that means maya is not an upadhi of ishwara.
 We have to understand that the
 Chaitanya, with the Upadhi of Maya is Ishvara and jiva with
 shuddha and malina sattva maya respectively.  While shuddha
 sattva does not bind Ishwara, malina sattva binds the jiva.
 This is how they are placed. Thus, jiva is in bondage and
 Ishwara is never in bondage. Ishwara is nitya mukta, only
 there for managing the cosmos, bandha-moksha vyavahara of
 jivas, etc. When a jiva attains liberation through
 knowledge, from that jiva's point of view there are no
 other jivas, no world and no Ishwara as different entities
 from him (Brahman).  Hence, the question of maya not
 bothering Ishwara is thus answered. Maya is a shakti in the
 hands of Ishwara (Maayaam tu prakritim viddhi, maayinam tu
 maheshwara - Shvetashvataropanishat). Avidya is the power
 that binds jiva.  So, the upadhis are for Brahman
 basically, though they are unreal.     
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  << If ghatakasha is jiva and
  mahakasha is
  brahman, what or where is Ishwara in the equation?
  Ishwara also ​another ​is
  ghatakasha.  In
  His case, the ghata
  (upAdhi) is mAyA.
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