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Thanks for elaborating. This surely helps me understand your position better. I have to study this angle more. But I can notice resemblance with kashmir shaivism in this view. In KS, Parameshwara has supreme will, supreme potency to create. But this attributes kartritva to iswara which brings guna and karma into the equation. Naturally ishwara becomes obligated to create maintain and destroy and engages in its own samsara. Hence the KS call Shankaras Advaita as shanta brahma vada as no kartritva is attributed to Ishwara. Further if ishwara is the creator and brahman is witness only, then parinama vada is more reasonable than vivarta. Again I might be completely wrong about this. If both ishwara and creation are mithya then I dont understand how ishwara is said to be the lord and inner controller. It will be same as any other jiva, from absolute view.
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  Reg  <<
 Ishwara is
 free from dehadi bhava and hence it
 follows that there is no limiting adjunct. >>, 
 portion starting with “hence”  is
 what is intended.  What is
 intended is just that Iswara is not controlled by avidya. On
 the other hand, he
 is the Controller of avidya. 
 A brief
 review would perhaps be useful though it might appear
 to be like carrying coal to New Castle. My apologies for the
 In my
 understanding, avidya and  mAyA are one and
 the same entity. It is a
 vastu and not just power or shakti as used in common
 parlance.  Also it is a mithya vastu.
  It is triguNAtmika and  madeup
 of parts. Every smallest part of it
 includes all the three elements viz jnAna/kriya/Ichha
 (satva/rajas/tamas) but
 in different proportions.  In the case of
 Iswara, satva predominates and controls the rajas/tamas
 parts. If rajas/tamas
 parts were to be completely absent, Iswara can neither
 Create nor Will (Ichha/sankalpa)
 to Create. Since satva predominates, Consciousness is not
 concealed (AvaraNa is
 absent)  from Iswara and  hence
 He is a sarvajna, sarvashakta, satya
 sankalpa etc. Thus Iswara is said to be endowed with the
 power of mAyA which in
 common parlance emphasizes the ability to Create and
 In the
 case of a jIva, tamas predominates over satva/rajas
 parts and is the Controller. It conceals (AvaraNa)
 Consciousness from the jIva
 and he is led to believe that he is the doer/enjoyer etc
 which is the root
 cause of samsAra. Thus he is said to be endowed with avidya
 which in common
 parlance emphasizes ignorance.
 am not
 sure if with this understanding your questions are
 automatically answered. You may please review and confirm.
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