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> Namaste Subbu ji
> Just wanted to check if the following is tenable.
> In what is sought to be exemplified, we have three words
> 1. jivAtmA (or brahman with jivopAdhi)
> 2. sRShTikartA (who is sarvashaktimAn I.e., brahman with kAryopAdhi
> identified with brahmA,viShNu,rudra where guNa association is present )
> 3. jagatkAraNam (brahman with kAraNopAdhi where even guNas are dormant but
> it's still not NB )

Dear Raghav ji,

I think we can merge 2 and 3 as that would suffice to show Ishwara as
Kaaranopaadhi and the rest, jivas, as kaaryopaadhi.  Even in the Puranis
context, we have one Supreme, called Shiva or Vishnu, and from him the
trimurtis emerge. Appayya Dikshitar called that entity 'Turiya'.  We can
have this as saguna Brhaman, sarvashakti, sarvajna. This SB itself is
manifesting as trimurtis to carry out the cosmic functions.

> The word Ishvara is used for either 2. or 3.based on the context but 2 and
> 3 are not synonymous ideas.
> In the example,we have
> 1. ghaTAkAsha
> 2. maThAkAsha
> 3. mahAkAsha
> We could provisionally say that the ghaTakAshas are all part of the largest
> container viz., maThAkAsha. Or go deeper and say that mahAkAsha is the
> ultimate kAraNam.
> The same mahAkAsha is kAraNam wrt the gaThakAshas and even maThAkAsha (who
> is like the prathamaja brahmA for a particular kalpa). Or mahakAsha from
> its inherent standpoint is upAdhivarjita and so in the exemplified is like
> NB.

This is reasonable. The mahAkAsha is the Superset in which the other two
are superimposed subsets.  That way we have NB as the ultimate

> There is no way to bypass saguNa Brahman or Ishvara and directly jump from
> jivopAdhi to NB.

Yes. This is a relevant point. Saguna Brahman is the adhyaropa to enable
the jiva to realize NB.


> Om
> Raghav

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