[Advaita-l] Ghata Bhashya 2 - MUST SEE- superb videos on Sankara Bhashya

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In the second part we are learning the Karana Karya Bhava itself is for
Vyavahara only. Because we are saying Clay is the cause and Pot is the
effect the Clay is being called as Karana. Similarly because for Vyavahara
Brahman is the cause and the world is the effect Brahman has got Karanatva.
But Vastutaha Brahman is not even a cause. There is no Karanatva in
Brahman. It is Sattaa Maatra or Pure Existence. It will not produce

Another point is why is Sruti is speaking like Brahman is the cause in
Vaakyas like Yato Vaa Imaani Bhootaani Jaayante and so on. Why it is
speaking like all creatures are coming from Brahman? The method of teaching
is Adhyaropa Apavaada. First it will teach something and then say that
teaching is given up at some stage. Like in Vacarambhana Vikara Namadheya
Mruttiketyeva Satyam the Sruti will first say the Names and Forms are
Adhyaropa on Clay but what is the Satya? It is Clay only. From Clay you can
make Pot, plate, toy animal elephant and so on. But they are all only Names
and Forms of Clay. The reality is there is only Clay. The names and forms
are Adhyaropa. They are Mithya only.

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