[Advaita-l] Logical support for 'Vidheha mukti'

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Mon Feb 12 02:14:30 EST 2018

Namaste to all.


I find Logical Reasoning helps easy intellectual  agreement of 'scriptural
conclusion and it is an  important requirement for reaping the benefits. 


If a question arise as to how can the subtle body can merge with the samasti
(totality) avoiding re-birth, the following logical reasoning will help the
questioner to accept the fact.


Everyone will agree that after death, the gross body is cremated or buried
and the gross body  merges  with the nature or merges in totality. Because,
the 'Subtle-Causal' body 'or jiva'   gets disconnected from the gross body
on the exhaustion of Prarabda karma' at death. 


at the rise of 'gyanam', the 'Gyani' loses 'doership' and two types of
'disconnects' happen. One 'disconnect'  of the subtle body to the 'agami
karma'. And another disconnect of the subtle body from the 'sanchita karma'
(stored in the  causal body). Thus, subtle body becomes 'locus-less' and
causal body becomes redundant. This leaves the gyani in his default state of
'atman'. In fact, all these 'practically' happens (to the 'gyani') even when
the 'gyani' is living in the body. However, this logical reasoning  would
help the 'mumukshus'  for doubtless acceptance of Vedantic teachings, next
to faith in them.. 


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