[Advaita-l] Dr.Nagaswamy demolishes Dravidianism - Part 1 [From Rajiv Malhotra's post]

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*Dr.Nagaswamy demolishes Dravidianism - Part 1 [From Rajiv Malhotra's post]*

*This is part 1 of a 3-part series with Dr. Nagaswamy.*

*The thesis of Dr. Nagaswamy is as follows:*

   1. *The ancient Tamil classics that comprise the foundation of Tamil
   culture are based on Vedas, Manu’s Dharmashastra as a code of worldly life.
   The most important Tamil text claimed by Dravidian chauvinists for separate
   origins from Vedas is Tirukkural. Yet the 3 books it consists of are in
   direct correspondence with the structure and content of Dharmashastra.*

   2. *Book 1 of Tirukkural is Aram which is an exact correspondence of
   Dharma. Book 2 called Porul exactly corresponds to Artha in Manu’s system.
   And Book3 called Kama is a Tamil version of Manu’s thesis on Kama. The
   sequence as well as exact structure matches perfectly in both Tamil
   Tirukkural and Sanskrit Dharmashastras.*

   3. *Dr. Nagaswamy shows point by point that exact correspondence between
   this foundational Tamil text and certain Sanskrit shastras.*

   4. *For example, there is EXACT correspondence between the Sanskrit
   shastras practice of Pancha-maha-yajna (five great yajnas) and their Tamil
   equivalents, in the ceremonial offering of food to: 1) Devas, 2) Rishis, 3)
   Pitri/ancestors, 4) Atithi/guests, and 5) Bhuta or other living beings. Dr
   Nagaswamy shows that the exact same Sanskrit verses are translated into

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