[Advaita-l] Question about Avaccheda vada

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> Hence my understanding is that, by the potency of Ishwara, the true nature
> of Jiva is veiled.

But do not forget such potency is not real per se as narrated within AV,
but said to be a kalpana/apavAda by shaastras

> In this state there is jiva-ishwara, but on release there is no
> jiva-ishwara only brahman.

Since potency of Ishwara is said to be kaalpanika only, there is no
question of so called "release" in real sense at all.

If you want to persist reality to release, you have to persist reality to
potency of Ishwara as well. On the other hand, if you want to deny reality
to potency of Ishwara, you have to deny reality to release of a jIva with a
equal voice. You cannot have one thing in one way and other in another way.

So, only two options;

1. Either say Ishwara (and His potency) and Jiva's release both are
2. Or say both are real.

In the former case, your conclusion "jiva-ishwara only brahman" needs to be
corrected as "jiva-ishwara  are imaginary concepts and hence nothing to do
with brahman"

In the later case, one has to do tarpanaNa for jIva-brhman aikya-vAda


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