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 Actually it is dvaitAdvaita. 
 It is a commentary on Nimbarkas dashashloki 
 by a goswami of that school.

A: Thanks for clarifying. In any case, it is the understanding of the purvapakshis, not to be found anywhere in the original bhashyas. 
 Even if that's true (it's not) this is
 not evidence.  The author is 
 the advaitic view not his own.  And historically the North
 Indian Vaishnava movements all came way
 after Advaitic doctrines were 

A: One small instance is that some Advaitins have written commentary on a post 10th century Vaishnava work - Srimad Bhagvatam. Another instance is that Advaitins like SSS have started a debate over the settledness of Advaitic doctrine. As far as settledness is concerned, it is only between the teachers and their respective students. There is ample evidence that many Advaitic teachers improvised on Shankaras works and sometimes even flatly disagreed. When this is seen as a virtue, there is bound to be divergence from the original.

 No.  Read the
 very next line after the one you quoted.

A: The keyword in the next line is 'nityasattvastho'. Does this mean sattva guna or to always remain in Sat? Especially because he says nirdvandvo before. Now I am not very good at Sanskrit, actually a noob:-P but how can nityasattvastho be broken to mean sattva? 
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