[Advaita-l] Question about Avaccheda vada

Praveen R. Bhat bhatpraveen at gmail.com
Tue Feb 13 03:33:03 EST 2018

Namaste Adityaji,

On Tue, Feb 13, 2018 at 1:49 PM, Aditya Kumar <kumaraditya22 at yahoo.com>

>  This has been
>  stated earlier, but I shall say it again: all those who
>  think that sub-commentators deviate from Bhashyakara should
>  study Sanskrit vyAkaraNa and vedAnta in the tradition, then
>  study originals and make their own assessment than relying
>  on pre-concluded ideas, be it of a researcher or other, if
>  that be their interest.
> A: I fail to understand why you are taking this so personally. Its not
> even MY opinion! SSS, who is a traditional Advaitin thinks so! Merely
> stating my own personal opinion seems to trigger you. I am not responsible
> for that. Please address me in first person if you have a problem.

First off, I am not taking it personally. Please read my statement again,
nowhere have I mentioned that its YOUR opinion. Rather, I want you to have
your OWN opinion​. :-) If there is a trigger, it is because it is
anti-tradition and I stand for the tradition. Anyway, I do not want to run
in circles which we have done before. Best wishes, I have nothing to add.

Kind rgds,
--Praveen R. Bhat
/* येनेदं सर्वं विजानाति, तं केन विजानीयात्। Through what should one know
That owing to which all this is known! [Br.Up. 4.5.15] */

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