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Just to add that the name of the Swamiji is one of the names in the Sri
Lalita Sahasra Nama:

. *Hari-brahmendra sevita*: Who is adored even by Deities like Hari, Brahma
and Indra


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> Namaste Subbu ji
> Swami Haribrahmendrananda Thirthaji is Acharya at the ashram viz., Adi
> Shankara Brahmavidya peeth which has its old website at www.somashram.in
> Swamiji came to Uttarkashi in ~1991 from Trivandrum when he was barely 14
> years of age and started studying Sanskrit and shastra from Sri Swami
> Chaitanyanandaji , a disciple of Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj of DLS,
> Rishikesh. (Swami Haribrahmendranandaji mentioned once that he had been
> guided by a sadhu in an invisible manner for a few years in his teens until
> he came to Uttarkashi.)
>  And also then studied the entire bhAShya for over 12 years at Kailash
> ashram, Uttarkashi from Acharya Swami Vishnu Thirthaji who is himself
> resident at the ASBP itself.  Swamiji also studied   advaita siddhi,
> siddhanta bindu, mimAmsa and nyAya texts etc., from the same Acharya.
> At present, ASBP is actually an excellent resource of shAstra in having
> amongst its accomplished acharyas Swami Haribrahmendrananda ji, Acharya
> Vishnu Thirthaji and also Acharya Swami Sharvananda Giri ji of Bharat
> Sevashram lineage who is currently acharya at Uttarkashi Kailash ashram too
> although he resides at ASBP.
> And Swamiji and the two other Acharyas above are shrotriyas who are quite
> approachable and quite amiable.
> Swamiji travels southwards during winter. He helped organize the namAmi
> shankaram program at Kannyakumari in November 2017. Swamiji is an ardent
> proponent of bhAShya pArAyaNam, whereby prasthAnatraya bhAShya pArAyaNa is
> done over 108 horAs. Swamiji's excellent scholarly researched book on the
> Yoga Sutras taking into account vyAsa bhAShya, tattvavaishAradi and vijnAna
> bhijShu etc, is much acclaimed - it's in Malayalam. They were still looking
> for someone to translate it into english, the last I heard.
> I had stayed in Uttarkashi for a couple of years around 2004 and later been
> in occasional touch with ASBP acharyas and had the opportunity study
> Upadesha sAhasri and Naiskarmya siddhi with tIkas etc., from Sri Swami
> Haribrahmendranandaji.
> Another website is also being launched. It's still a work in (slow)
> progress.
> https://www.adishankarabrahmavidyapeeth.org
> Om
> Raghav
> Excerpt from their new website
> There are regular classes at the Ashram on Upanishads, Sanskrit, Bhagavad
> Gita and Shat Darshananas (six schools of Indian philosophy) like Sankhya,
> Mimamsa etc. and others conducted by the resident Acharyas. These sessions
> start at 7am and go on till 5pm with breaks in between. Essentially there
> are around 5-6 hours of classes which are attended by the resident students
> as well as seekers coming from other Ashrams and places.
> The teachings are carried out in the traditional method and the Acharyas
> are available outside of class timings to take queries from the students
> and guide them in the best possible manner.
> The day starts with Bhashya Paranayam and ends with evening Arati at the
> Shankara Hall.

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